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Silky Smooth Hair by Jodie gives great advice regarding hair loss to cancer patients and their family . This brilliant read gives you the blueprint and special sauce to achieving shiny and manageable hair after completing treatments. Jodie has tested and improved these incredible methods of achieving healthy hair through pure and natural hair treatments. Now, she is sharing these coveted secrets with you.

“Since reading Silky Smooth Hair by Jodie, I’ve been able to increase volume, shine and length. I haven’t seen my hair this healthy since my late teens!” – Susan Carter

This book is great for those who want to learn Jodie’s Secret’s to understanding:

• Vitamins and Medications that could adversely cause hair loss.

• Restoring your hair to a healthy state after cancer treatments.

• Restoring your hair from damage.

• Maintaining Protective Styles

• Applying proper washing and conditioning techniques for healthy hair.

• Identifying the different hair types and hair porosity.

• Safely engaging in hair medicine and vitamins for healthy hair growth.

• Applying techniques for Jodie’s Famous Silk Press

• Applying techniques and Jodie’s Secrets to Wig Making

• Accessing and Engaging a top Hair Vendor – World Renown


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